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AZG-J metering cabinet, AZX-J metering box
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  1, AZG-J metering cabinet, AZX-J metering box

  1.1 Overview

  The electric energy metering device is an important part of the power grid, and it is responsible for the quantification of the allocation of electric energy resources. The accuracy of the electric energy metering is directly related to the vital interests and legitimate rights and interests of the users. With the further acceleration of urban processes and the improvement of people's living standards, new properties are increasing, more and more development and construction projects are being made, factory production is expanding, and the government's energy consumption monitoring projects for buildings and utilities are being promoted. The demand for energy metering boxes in the market is also increasing.

  1.2 Implementation standards

  l DL/T448-2000 "Technical Management Regulations for Electric Energy Metering Devices"

  l DL/T 645-2007 "Multi-function Energy Meter Communication Protocol"

  l Q/GDW 347-2009 "General design of electric energy metering device"

  l Q/GDW 355-2009 "Single-phase smart energy meter type specification"

  l GB 7251.12-2013 "Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment Part 1"

  l GB 7251.3-2006 "Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment Part 3"

  l DIN VDE0105 "Operation of Electrical Equipment"

  l DL/T614-2007 "Multi-function electric energy meter"

  l GB/T19882.31-2007 "Automatic Meter Reading System Part 3-1"

  1.3 Product Features

  1.3.1 The metering cabinet and metering box adopt modular design to meet the customer's more table installation and reservation, which is convenient for the customer's installation of various modular components. The structure design is compact and reasonable, the wiring is neat and generous, and the maintenance is convenient.

  1.3.2 Communication interface with data acquisition function and standard, which can realize remote real-time monitoring and computer network management.

  1.3.3 A variety of current specifications electric meters, secondary and primary tables can be installed, and the applicability is strong.

  1.3.4 The main circuit can be installed with micro-break, and the secondary circuit is equipped with a fuse to protect the meter and the main circuit.

  1.4 Technical parameters

  1.4.1 AZG-J metering cabinet, AZX-J metering box technical parameters

  1.5 Dimensions

  1.5.1 AZG-J measuring cabinet dimensions

  1.5.2 AZX-J Dimensions

  1.6 Model Description

  1.6.1 AZG-J Model Description

  1.6.2 AZX Model Description

  1.7 Application areas

  1.7.1 Library

  There are a large number of electrical equipment, computers, central air-conditioning, lighting systems in the library, and the flow of people is large and the area is wide. After using the metering cabinet (box), all loads can be monitored, and the various areas can be comprehensively managed. Timely discovery of potential hazards.

  1.7.2 Dormitory

  Dormitory is an important place for employees and students to live. It is a strong logistical support for study and work. After installing the measuring cabinet (box), it can monitor the air conditioner, heating equipment and living electricity used in the dormitory, which can effectively prevent the ban. The use of electrical appliances to ensure the safety of dormitory electricity, as well as real-time tracking of dormitory personnel and energy consumption, to prevent people from running lights, this energy waste situation.

  1.7.3 Factory

  There are a large number of assembly lines and various important equipments that cannot be de-energized in the factory. After installing the metering cabinet (box) and the energy consumption monitoring system, it is possible to monitor the operation of the key equipment and monitor the operation status of the key equipment in real time. Company management, reducing operating costs, can also escort the company's safe and sustainable production.

  1.7.4 Office Building

  There are many companies in the office building, the office energy consumption is large, the personnel is dense and the flow is fast. The metering cabinet (box) can be installed to manage the energy consumption of each company area, and provide basic data for the fee, which is fair and transparent. It is also possible to comprehensively manage floor energy consumption, reduce property operating costs, and create green office buildings.

  1.7.5 Shopping Mall

  There are a variety of shops in the mall, which are large in size and wide in scope. Each merchant needs to measure the electricity consumption by one household. The metering cabinet (box) can be installed, and the electricity meter can be used for each shop. The energy management system can also be installed to remotely monitor and manage the electricity used by the shop.

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