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Electrical fire monitoring installation method?
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  1. Preparation before installation

  Before installation, observe the electrical fire monitoring shape inspection to check whether the outer casing of the electrical fire monitoring is clean, whether the paint layer is detached or foamed, etc. Check whether there are scratches and cracks and burrs inside and check whether the parts are If there is mechanical damage, look at the fasteners and whether the connectors are loose. And then check whether there are accessories, inspection certificate, national fire electronic product quality supervision and inspection center report, etc. Is it complete? If it is complete, if it is installed in the distribution box, if it is installed, the line should be installed by the manufacturer. If the wiring is not followed, it will cause the work efficiency to become lower.


  2, the installation method

  In the electrical fire monitoring distribution circuit, the phase and neutral lines should pass through the leakage detector in the same direction. The temperature detector should be directly fixed on the fourth cable or copper platoon and ensure good contact. The protective ground wire is absolutely Failure to pass through a leak detector may cause some condition in the detector if it passes. In the installation of electrical fire monitoring, the host can also be installed side by side with the automatic fire alarm system. The wall-mounted electrical fire monitoring host should be designed to facilitate the customer's observation and the critical operation of the wall and electrical fire monitoring. The power supply should be set to fire power according to the building protection category.



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