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AZC series smart capacitor
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  1 Product Overview

  AZC series smart capacitors are a new generation of reactive power compensation equipment with 0.4KV, 50Hz low-voltage power distribution, high efficiency and energy saving, reduced line loss, improved power factor and power quality. It consists of intelligent measurement and control unit, thyristor composite switch circuit, line protection unit, two units or a supplementary low-voltage power capacitor. It replaces the automatic reactive power compensation device consisting of a fuse, a composite switch or a mechanical contactor, a thermal relay, a low-voltage power capacitor, an indicator light, etc., which are connected by wires in the cabinet and the cabinet surface. The traditional reactive power compensation device has changed the bulky and cumbersome structure mode, so that the new generation of low-voltage reactive power compensation equipment has better compensation effect, smaller volume, lower power consumption, lower price, more cost saving and more use. Flexible, more convenient to maintain, longer service life and higher reliability, it adapts to the higher requirements of modern power grid for reactive power compensation.

  AZC series smart capacitors adopt customized segment LCD liquid crystal display, which can display three-phase bus voltage, three-phase bus current, three-phase power factor, frequency, capacitor circuit and switching state, active power, reactive power and harmonic voltage in real time. Total distortion rate, capacitor temperature.

  1.1 Product Execution Standard

  GB/T 15576-2008 Low-voltage complete reactive power compensation device

  GB/T 7251.8-2005 Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment - General technical requirements for intelligent complete sets

  2 Features

  2.1 Zero-crossing switching:

  The voltage zero-crossing input is realized, the current zero-crossing is cut off, the switching current is small, the micro power consumption, no arcing, and no harmonic injection, which greatly improves the withstand voltage and current impact of the device, and reduces the energy of 80% in the conventional capacitor cabinet. Consumption.

  2.2 Phase separation compensation:

  Single-phase compensation, respectively, to solve the three-phase load imbalance; large shortfall any reactive with a separate compensation, to achieve optimal compensation effect.

  2.3 Temperature protection:

  The AZC-X/X series of intelligent capacitors have a built-in temperature sensor that can achieve over temperature protection in case of overheating of capacitors, excessive harmonics, excessive leakage current and excessive ambient temperature, which means that the capacitors are heated, that is, they are automatically removed after the set temperature is exceeded. intelligent capacitor, out of operation, to achieve the purpose of protective equipment.

  2.4 Phase loss protection:

  When the grid A, B, C-phase phase, into which no longer corresponds to the intelligent input capacitor group has put out of operation corresponding intelligent capacitor, the purpose of the protection device.

  2.5 Overvoltage and undervoltage protection:

  When the grid voltage is higher than the set value, corresponding to the capacitor bank intelligent automatic withdrawal operation, to avoid over-voltage capacitors for a long time to run the danger of explosion, the purpose of the protection device; when the grid voltage is lower than the set value, corresponding to the smart The capacitor bank automatically exits the operation to achieve the purpose of protecting the device.

  2.6 Voltage and current harmonic protection:

  When the harmonics of the power grid reach the set value, the smart capacitor bank is not put into operation, and the smart capacitor bank has been put into operation to prevent the equipment from being damaged due to excessive harmonics.

  2.7 Green:

  AZC-X/X series smart capacitor body adopts internationally renowned brand special dry self-healing capacitors, no leakage, overall flame retardant and anti-riot, green and environmental protection, and small annual decay rate.

  2.8 High reliability:

  The decentralized control mode is used to completely solve the problem that the traditional mode non-contact relay, contactor and electromechanical composite switch are often damaged.

  2.9 Block structure:

  Product standardization and modularization replace traditional air switches, AC contactors, thyristors, thermal relays, capacitors, and combine their functions into one. The heat generation is small. When the panel is installed, the building blocks are stacked and the capacitors are damaged. It is only necessary to simply and quickly replace the unit.

  2.10 Simple wiring:

  Multiple capacitors are installed in the screen, the production man-hour is reduced by more than 60% compared with the traditional mode, while the 80% connection line is reduced, the node is reduced by 80%, the cabinet is simple, and the assembly is fast at the use site, which not only reduces the production, but also greatly improves the complete set of plants. Production efficiency.

  2.11 Convenient expansion:

  The product is small in size and simple in wiring. With the increase of the electric load of the electric users, the number of capacitors can be increased at any time, and the conventional mode is changed due to complicated wiring and unchanging limitations, and can be adapted to the needs of enterprise development, and can be invested in phases.

  2.12 Easy maintenance:

  LCD Chinese display protection action type, lack of phase, over current, over temperature, three-phase unbalance, harmonics, etc.; smart capacitors have self-diagnosis function, can reflect electronic switches, capacitors, intelligent modules, networks on the LCD screen Communication and other faults are conducive to on-site fault finding. When the capacitor is damaged, it is only necessary to simply and quickly replace the unit to achieve maintenance-free operation.

  2.13 The effect is significant:

  Ensure that the system voltage is stable and qualified; improve the power factor, predict the input capacitor, if the capacitor is over-compensated, do not invest, avoid the reactive excess and fine; control reliability is 100%, improve the distribution and output, reduce the capacity investment Loss of energy.

  3 Model Description

  AZC series smart capacitor selection:

  4 main indicators

  4.1 Environmental conditions

  Altitude: ≤ 2000 meters

  Ambient temperature: -25 to 55 ° C

  Relative humidity: 40 ° C, 20 ~ 90%

  Atmospheric pressure: 79.5~106.0Kpa

  There is no conductive dust and corrosive gas in the surrounding environment, no flammable and explosive medium.

  4.2 Power conditions

  Rated voltage: AC220V or AC380V

  Allowable deviation: ±20%

  Voltage waveform: sine wave, the total distortion rate is not more than 5%

  Power frequency: 48.5~51.5Hz

  Power consumption: <0.5W (when capacitor is removed), <1W (when capacitor is input)

  4.3 Reactive power compensation parameters

  Reactive compensation error: ≤ 75% of the minimum capacitor capacity

  Capacitor switching time interval: >10s

  Reactive capacity: single ≤ (20 + 20) kvar

  5 use cases

  5.1 Common wiring diagram without terminal

  5.2 Mixed wiring diagram without terminal

  5.3 Common wiring diagram with terminal

  5.4 Mixed wiring diagram with terminal

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