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APV series intelligent photovoltaic combiner box
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  1 Overview

  In a large-scale photovoltaic power generation system, a large number of photovoltaic cells are required to be combined in series to achieve the required voltage and current values to maximize power generation efficiency. The main function of APV series intelligent photovoltaic combiner box is to make the first-level convergence of the input of the photovoltaic cell array, to reduce the connection of the photocell array to the inverter, optimize the system structure, improve reliability and maintainability, APV series intelligent The photovoltaic combiner box can also provide the photocell current measurement, monitor the operating state of the panel in the photocell array, the battery voltage, the total power of the confluence, the power of the branch, the state of the arrester of the combiner box, and the DC disconnection while providing the lightning flow prevention function. Device status acquisition, relay contact output, sensor interface with wind speed, temperature, irradiator and other functions for customer selection. This device is equipped with RS485 interface as standard, which can upload measured and collected power data and device status to monitoring system.

  2, the implementation of standards

  CNCACTS 0001–2011A Confluence Equipment Technical Specifications

  GB 50797-2012 "Design Code for Photovoltaic Power Stations"

  GB4208-2008 "Shell protection grade"

  GB 7251.1-2013 "Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment - Part 1 General

  3, product features

  Comply with the technical specifications of PV square box combiner box of CGC/GF 037:2014;

  The protection grade is IP65, which meets indoor and outdoor installation requirements;

  Hall sensor, isolated measurement, maximum 16 inputs;

  Adopting photovoltaic special fuse, withstand voltage DC1kV, the fuse current can be selected;

  Optional voltage measurement function, the highest measurement voltage DC 1kV;

  Optional external sensor input interface for monitoring radiation, temperature, wind speed, etc.

  With RS485 communication interface, using ModBus-RTU communication protocol;

  A variety of power supply options (DC24V, AC / DC220V, DC880V) can be selected for home rooftop solar or professional PV power plant applications;

  According to customer needs, we can use the components of well-known brand manufacturers at home and abroad.

  4, technical parameters

  5, structure and size

  The size of the 16-way cabinet is 600mm × 550mm × 180mm (width × height × depth), and the specific installation size is 650 × 345mm.

  6, model description

  *Note: The combiner with anti-reverse function can only select the "TR, T" perforated PV convergence collector

  7, application area analysis

  Our PV combiner box has a variety of power supply modes (DC880V, AC/DC220V, DC24V) to meet the needs of different applications, such as: large-scale photovoltaic power plants, distributed generation, home rooftop photovoltaic power generation, thin film power generation. Through multi-sink one way, the system connection is reduced and the reliability of the system is improved. In large-scale photovoltaic power plants, the standard communication interface of the combiner box can be connected through the background software system. After the data is uploaded, the professional maintenance personnel can observe the running status of each combiner box in real time. If a fault occurs, it can be quickly determined as the fault point.

  8, application program

  A 60MW photovoltaic grid-connected power generation project in Xinjiang is a national photovoltaic key project. The design principle of the whole project is “central installation, square array design, multi-branch Internet access”. In order to simplify the square array connection, consider the on-site construction cost and configuration. 16 Hui 1 out of the photovoltaic combiner box. According to the provisions of of the CNCACTS 0001–2011A (CGCGF 037 2014) Confluence Equipment Technical Specification, the choice of the combiner fuse is 8.2 (the peak current of the panel) *1.5 is about 12A, and the total current of the combiner box is 12*. 16 is 192A, so use a 200A circuit breaker. Therefore, each 500kWp array is equipped with 5 APV-M16FTRA/KV-P2 intelligent PV combiner boxes, for a total of 300 units.

  9, typical application industry

  Large photovoltaic power station

  In large-scale photovoltaic power plants, there are a large number of solar panels, which leads to a very large connection. Therefore, the photovoltaic combiner box greatly reduces the system connection and enhances system reliability by multi-sinking one. The communication interface is also convenient for the construction and operation of the photovoltaic system.

  Distributed photovoltaic power generation

  In distributed power plants, because the panels are relatively dispersed, the confluence box is used to confluent each roof, which facilitates the components of the entire power station, reduces cable connections, and reduces costs.

  Home photovoltaic

  Due to the small number of solar modules in household photovoltaics, the commonly used combiner boxes are small in capacity and the circuit is very limited. At this time, the combiner box is more used for monitoring and metering.

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