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Design and Application of Power Monitoring System for Sheraton Wenzhou Hotel
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Basic Information:

  Project Name: Design and Application of Power Monitoring System for Sheraton Wenzhou Hotel

  Project Location: Zhejiang Wenzhou

  Implementation time: June 2011

Project Description:

  The Sheraton Wenzhou Hotel was formerly known as Wenzhou Jinxiu Holiday Hotel. It was jointly built by Wenzhou Jinxiu Hotel Investment Company and Starwood Group. In June 2011, Ankerui Electric Co., Ltd. undertook the power monitoring system project of Sheraton Wenzhou Hotel. The field layer adopts ACR series and PZ series instruments to collect the electrical parameters of each circuit of the distribution system, and adopts ARTU-K32 series multi-loop remote signaling device to collect the switching signals; the field instruments are transmitted to the background power monitoring system via the communication network, through Acrel- The 2000 type power monitoring system realizes remote telemetry and remote signal automatic monitoring, thus realizing the automatic management of the variable power distribution system.

  The design of the power distribution monitoring system of Sheraton Wenzhou Hotel was undertaken by Shanghai Anke Rui Electric Co., Ltd. as part of its building automation control system. The monitoring scope of the power distribution monitoring system covers the power installed on all high and low voltage switchgear in the power distribution room. Instrument, 4 transformer temperature and humidity controllers and emergency generators.

  The Sheraton Wenzhou Hotel has two large and one small distribution rooms, all located on the third floor of the podium, and the emergency generator is located on the second floor of the podium. 6 ABB REX521 microcomputer protection devices within the monitoring and control system, 7 ACREL ACR320EK network power meters, 128 ACREL PZ96-E4 programmable smart meters and 4 LD-B10 transformer temperature and humidity controllers are distributed in two Distribution room. The British Deep Sea 5220 emergency generator is located in the generator room on the second floor of the podium. The operation data is collected by the 555 control module and uploaded to the upper monitoring host.

System implemented functions:

  1. Data acquisition and processing: Data acquisition is mainly completed by the underlying multi-function network instrument, realizing local real-time display of remote data.

  2. Operating load curve: Timing acquisition of incoming line and important loop current load parameters, automatically generating running load trend curve.

  3. Diachronic events. The diachronic event viewing interface mainly provides convenient and friendly human-computer interaction for the user to view the fault records, signal records, operation records, and over-limit records that have occurred.

  4, database establishment and query: mainly complete remote measurement and remote signal timing collection, and establish a database, regularly generate reports for users to query and print;

  5, user rights management: for different levels of users, set up different permission groups to prevent the loss of production and life caused by human error, to achieve safe and reliable operation of the distribution system;

  6. Network access: The power distribution monitoring system can be accessed remotely through the IE browser, which is convenient for the hotel management company to view and process the power distribution system operation data outside the central monitoring room.

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