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Huaihua High-speed Railway South Station Front Square Fire Equipment Power Monitoring System
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Basic Information:

  Project Name: Fire Equipment Power Monitoring System in Front Square of Huaihua High-speed Railway South Station

  Project Location: Huaihua

  Implementation time:

Project Description:

Huaihua South Station is located at the east end of Hutian South Avenue, Hecheng District, Huaihua City, Hunan Province. It is the hub station of Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway, Huai Shaoheng Express Rail and Zhang Jihuai High-speed Railway (planned to start at the end of 2016). The station has two stations, Shanghai Kunming and Huai Shaoheng. There are 14 platforms on 5 platforms, with a total area of ??about 172,000 square meters. The investment is about 2 billion yuan, of which the station area is 14930.6 square meters, with an investment of 691 million yuan. It was officially opened for operation on December 16, 2014.

AFPM100 small fire equipment power monitoring system adopts, fire equipment power status monitor + voltage / current sensor two-layer structure networking mode, for large fire equipment power monitoring system, fire equipment power monitoring system host + fire equipment power status monitor (Regional host) + voltage/current sensor three-layer structure networking mode, which simplifies system structure design.

The system networking is divided into three levels: station control management layer, network communication layer and field equipment layer. The communication bus of the project is connected to 9 communication buses. The bus is connected to the fire equipment power supply after the floor distribution box is connected hand in hand. The repeater, which is connected to the wall-mounted background, forms the aorta of the fire-fighting equipment power monitoring system. The AFPM100 fire equipment power monitoring system can monitor the power of the fire equipment in real time. By detecting the voltage, current, switch status and other related information of the fire equipment power supply, it can determine whether the fire equipment power supply has open circuit, short circuit, over voltage, under voltage, Fault information such as phase loss, phase error, and overcurrent (overload) are alarmed and recorded. Through the friendly human-computer interaction interface, the status of the power of the monitored equipment is reflected in real time and displayed in a centralized manner, thereby effectively avoiding the critical situation that the fire-fighting equipment cannot work normally due to the power failure during the fire, and the protection of the fire-fighting linkage system is maximized. reliability. There are 152 AFPM3-2AV fire equipment power detector modules on the project site.

System implemented functions:

  1. Monitoring alarm The status of the power circuit switch of the monitored equipment, the working status of the monitored equipment power supply (voltage, current and alarm status information.

  2. The connection between the fault alarm monitor and the module (voltage/current signal sensor) is open and short; the connection between the monitor and its separate power supply is open and short; when the monitor has the above fault, it can issue and monitor the alarm. The signal has a distinct difference between the sound and light fault alarm signal; during the fault, the normal operation of the non-fault circuit is not affected.

  3. Control output function Remotely operate the alarm relay of individual or all monitored devices.

  4. Alarm record function Record 10000 related fault alarm information; alarm type: fault type, occurrence time, fault description; alarm event query; alarm record printing.

  5. Self-test function Connection check: open circuit and short circuit of communication line and split power line; equipment self-test: manual check or system self-test.

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